Welcome to Portslade Baptist Church! 

 We are a community who meet right in the heart of Portslade's Old Village.

We'd love to meet you as we journey through life together, loving God, loving people and loving Portslade.


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Good morning and welcome to our homepage at Portslade Baptist Church, to our members, friends, church family and those watching on Livestream

A warm welcome to all


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Starting 11th May 2022

Jesus Christ died for us and rose again to give us life!

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Short History of our church.

2021 marked the 60th Anniversary of the present Chapel in South Street. However, the Church has existed in one form or another since 1870! 

The Church originally met in the back room of a public house, The Clarence Assembly Room, in North Street, after being rented out by Rev. Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeon sent one of his students, Mr. E.A.Tydeman to preach at the very first meeting on 18th December, 1870.

Since then, there have been 3 chapels, the first built in 1873 in Chapel Place, off North Street. 

The Church quickly grew out of it's original chapel, and a new one was opened in 1892. This chapel was the home of Portslade Baptist until 1957.

In 1957, the Church purchased the land to construct a new chapel in Upper Portslade. This present chapel was opened on 25th March 1961.

Over the 141 years since that very first meeting, the Church has changed a lot! Below are a list of Ministers of our Church

1870-1875: Mr. E.A.Tydeman & Rev. W. Townsend        
1875-1877: Rev. F. Harvey                                                 
1878-1888: Rev. S.G. Gamble                                           
1889-1893: Rev. J.O'Neill Campbell                                  
1839-1919: Rev. H.J. Dyer                                                    
1920-1929: Rev. George Burrett
1929-1934: Rev. A.E Johnson                                              
1934-1949: Rev. A.J. Phillips                                                
1950-1974: Rev. E.C.Hearsley Starling                               
1974-1979: Rev. Raymond J. Webber                                 
1980-1986: Rev. Gordon Steer                                             
1988-1994: Rev. Colin R.W Weller (Moderator)                 
1994- 2018: Rev. Phillip O. Cook     

2019 -          Rev. David M Meikle       

 The church leadership would like to thank our members for your faithfulness in giving and support as we continue to seek Gods Will for the future life of our church family.

Pastor David, Rosalie, Sue.

God Bless everyone and please keep safe and feel safe in God’s Presence.

 Please if you have any queries or suggestions please phone pastor David at 01273 945934.

I realize that most do not have internet or access to our homepage, www.portsladebaptist.org.uk When you enter our welcome page Click on YouTube videos to access our live or recorded services. Audio recordings are also available, so if you have CD/DVD player please let us know and we give you CDs of the services. Also on the menu page you can see a copy of the weekly sermon is also available on Sermon Page which you can read.

Meanwhile you are all in our thoughts, love and prayers. The Lord encourages and strengthens us all.

Revd. David M Meikle/ Deacons and Elder.

During all this time of the pandemic we have tried not to over burden or put at risk our members with added services, but now we believe that we have a safe place and people have felt safe to worship.

Now we have Sunday services weekly and our church is open for worship. 

We have invested heavily setting up these live streaming services. We will continue with this as a way of evangelising our community but also for those members who still do not feel safe coming to church, our congregational singing has also started during our congregational services weekly.

We have Take a Break opened every third Tuesday at 19:00 and our Friday Breakfast is proving a great success now that it is open again. We want our members to be safe and feel safe in our building. We will continue with all the safety guidelines set out by the government, however only a few of our other activities will remain closed during the week for the time being.


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 If you'd like to get in touch, email  hello@portsladebaptist.org.uk

We warmly welcome you to join us at our worship services. We meet on Sunday mornings, starting at 10.30am, followed by refreshments. 

All ages are welcome and there are groups for children and young people.


Love God. Love people. Love Portslade.