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24th 4pm Carol Service/mince pies

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Saturday 18th November 2023


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We had our church barbecue on 3rd September all where welcome was a great time meeting friends

Sunday 25th Harvest Service followed by Church Meeting

Thanksgiving Day to give a special offering to the Church. SUNDAY JULY 10th 2023

This is really two words joined together. Thanks and Giving.  Give thanks for the many years you have been faithful. Each year it has been the custom of the church to raise a thanksgiving offering among our members and we come to that moment once again during 2022.

It is easy to complain, and most of us do, but we are here today to give thanks. We are here to give thanks that this lockdown and rules are over and the church has come together to worship and praise God once again.

We can give thanks for the lives that were lost during this virus spreading throughout the world and especially among some of our members for whom we could not celebrate their lives passing. We can give thanks also for another year where we dedicate an offering for some special needs of the church.

Thanks is a word that is so simple to forget. When we are given something, we are taught to say thank you.  We want to thank the NHS staff, the schoolteachers, and all social workers and charities for all their life gifts and efforts in teaching the boys and girls, dealing with people’s social problems, and with parents where we are seeing severe mental health problems growing.

As Christians, we thank God for giving us Jesus at the right time to show us all that we can have a relationship with God through Him. Thanks - It is so easy to forget to say or to be thankful - I thank God for every member of our church and their faithfulness in their giving and tithing. We have been able to pay our bills, continue our support for missions, and improve the quality of our audio/sound equipment. We also daily give thanks that God so loved the world He gave us Jesus Christ.

The other word is Giving. Our people have given not just money but time and talents. The way people have given their money to pay for church expenses during all this lockdown has been incredible.

We need to remember that there are 168 hours in a week, but how much time do we give to God? God has given us time to study, to learn, to rest, and to fill our minds with good things. What are we focusing on today is a special offering that we can use for God’s glory, and also so that His church will continue to meet special needs that we have encountered during this year.

God gave us His word, and therefore we should not neglect it. We cannot easily forget it. I have plenty of time to thank God and think about giving all of my life to Jesus.

As Christians we can thank Jesus for taking away our sins on the cross, for Jesus giving his life that we may have a relationship with God. Then we can be truly thankful that today at this thanksgiving service we can remember all that we have learned over the year and perhaps dedicate more time to think about the things of God.         

The church leadership would like to thank our members for your faithfulness in giving and support as we continue to seek God’s will for the future life of our church family.

If you cannot attend in person, please send your thanksgiving gift, or contact us so that we can collect it.

Pastor David, Rosalie, Sue.


PETER ROBERTS IN LOVING MEMORY OF 21st October 1929 - 20th May 2022

Portslade Baptist Church at 12.00 noon followed by burial at Hove Cemetery Wednesday 15th June 2022

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Here we are in England almost everything but people do not talk about God. Here where we are free to come to Jesus and speak about Him but not many come, even less go. Thousands of miles from here where it is dangerous to talk about and accept Jesus people are saying I want Him.


When I came to the UK and when I arrived I realised that we are here for the Battle for Britain.

When I first came it shocked me to see that there were no young people in the church`s. When I asked where are the young people I was shown pubs and clubs and told that they are all going in there. A generation has been lost, and if we do not pray and seek God then we will see another generation will be lost. Whatever it takes to prevent this we must do it. We must fight back!

Don’t sit back and play church and see another generation go to hell, don’t just sit there and see your children go to hell. We must rise and fight for the lost generation.

What shall we do! Go back to worship, worship is the key. Some will say but we have been worshipping God! Yes and No! Worship is not just that what we do on a Sunday, we worship God in every step that we take, every day and every hour. The Psalmist said; with every breath I will praise you. When I wake in the morning I will praise you. Do you awake every morning and seek God praying for your children and grandchildren.

John 4:13-24 A religious woman, a Samaritan who had her own traditional way of worshipping, she believed that she was worshiping God.

She worshipped in a place Mt Gerizim, God is not limited to a place, religion is limiting God to a place or building. God is saying go out and get them. Go out into the highways and byways and bring them in.

She did not know what she was worshipping, many limit God in his power, putting Him in a box and not seeing who He is and what he can do. God is holy, be holy for I am holy, we must worship God through continual repentance. Have you taken steps to make sure that your robes are dipped in the blood of Christ? Paul says I repent daily. We need to examine ourselves. People have accepted Jesus and ended there. The problem in Britain is that people have taken God off His throne and brought him down to their level. God commands holiness.

What we say about Jesus is also important. Many Christians have taken a gagging order from Satan and will not talk about Jesus. Who will reach the lost if we won’t? God has blessed you and wants you to share the blessing.

One soul at a time. You don’t save them just witness to them and God does the rest.

God doesn’t want to be understood, He can’t be understood because He is God, He will reveal Himself to those who really seek Him. We need to get out of our comfort zone and witness. When was the last time you told a person about Jesus? Daily people are being recruited into the kingdom of darkness, invited to join in evil.

God does not like mechanical worship. You come here but your mind is not here. You have set mechanical things in place and you push a button and have a hour of worship then nothing until next week. God is looking for people who will cry out to Him day and night and not stop until he answers. That is the commitment God wants. People who won’t stop until they see miracles, the day of miracles is not over, Christ is the same yesterday today and forever.

God is looking for people of faith, who want to see His power poured out.

Many of us have children and provide soap and water for them and would be frustrated if they were dirty. God has provided the water of life but his people will not come to the blood for cleansing. People do not believe in healing; do not believe that God heals.

God is looking for true worshippers worshiping with their heart not just their head. God knows the heart and is looking at the heart for worship in spirit and truth. God is Spirit and must be worshiped in Spirit, truth in the word of God that says we are all sinners and must come through Jesus.

Questions. Are you willing to go to this lost generation? Are you willing to go to God daily and plead for the lost? The only language understood in heaven is the language of prayer. Are you ready for the battle for Britain?

Short History of our church.

2021 marked the 60th Anniversary of the present Chapel in South Street. However, the Church has existed in one form or another since 1870! 

The Church originally met in the back room of a public house, The Clarence Assembly Room, in North Street, after being rented out by Rev. Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeon sent one of his students, Mr. E.A.Tydeman to preach at the very first meeting on 18th December, 1870.

Since then, there have been 3 chapels, the first built in 1873 in Chapel Place, off North Street. 

The Church quickly grew out of it's original chapel, and a new one was opened in 1892. This chapel was the home of Portslade Baptist until 1957.

In 1957, the Church purchased the land to construct a new chapel in Upper Portslade. This present chapel was opened on 25th March 1961.

Over the 141 years since that very first meeting, the Church has changed a lot! Below are a list of Ministers of our Church

1870-1875: Mr. E.A.Tydeman & Rev. W. Townsend        
1875-1877: Rev. F. Harvey                                                 
1878-1888: Rev. S.G. Gamble                                           
1889-1893: Rev. J.O'Neill Campbell                                  
1839-1919: Rev. H.J. Dyer                                                    
1920-1929: Rev. George Burrett
1929-1934: Rev. A.E Johnson                                              
1934-1949: Rev. A.J. Phillips                                                
1950-1974: Rev. E.C.Hearsley Starling                               
1974-1979: Rev. Raymond J. Webber                                 
1980-1986: Rev. Gordon Steer                                             
1988-1994: Rev. Colin R.W Weller (Moderator)                 
1994- 2018: Rev. Phillip O. Cook     

2019 -          Rev. David M Meikle       

 The church leadership would like to thank our members for your faithfulness in giving and support as we continue to seek Gods Will for the future life of our church family.

Pastor David, Rosalie, Sue.

God Bless everyone and please keep safe and feel safe in God’s Presence.

 Please if you have any queries or suggestions please phone pastor David at 01273 945934.

I realize that most do not have internet or access to our homepage, www.portsladebaptist.org.uk When you enter our welcome page Click on YouTube videos to access our live or recorded services. Audio recordings are also available, so if you have CD/DVD player please let us know and we give you CDs of the services. Also on the menu page you can see a copy of the weekly sermon is also available on Sermon Page which you can read.

Meanwhile you are all in our thoughts, love and prayers. The Lord encourages and strengthens us all.

Revd. David M Meikle/ Deacons and Elder.

During all this time of the pandemic we have tried not to over burden or put at risk our members with added services, but now we believe that we have a safe place and people have felt safe to worship.

Now we have Sunday services weekly and our church is open for worship. 

We have invested heavily setting up these live streaming services. We will continue with this as a way of evangelising our community but also for those members who still do not feel safe coming to church, our congregational singing has also started during our congregational services weekly.

We have Take a Break opened every third Tuesday at 19:00 and our Friday Breakfast is proving a great success now that it is open again. We want our members to be safe and feel safe in our building. We will continue with all the safety guidelines set out by the government, however only a few of our other activities will remain closed during the week for the time being.


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We warmly welcome you to join us at our worship services. We meet on Sunday mornings, starting at 10.30am, followed by refreshments. 

All ages are welcome and there are groups for children and young people.


Love God. Love people. Love Portslade.